How To Get My Ebook

Hello everybody..

So, i have made some changes about how to get my ebook. I used to send them one by one to all of you who requested because i feel like to know and see you personally through social media or the net. But since i will have my second baby soon, i think it will be wise for me to put them on the drive for you to download, so you wouldn’t have to wait me to send them, as i will obviously be too busy with my newborn and my first toddler.

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Where Are You, Lord? / Dimana Tuhan?

(ENG) Often i ask myself about the question above when i’m praying, speaking tongue even fasting. I feel like there’s a thick block separating me from feeling His presence. One day, above all circumstances, i decided to do a full fasting. It lasted for 11 days of no solid food, wish i could end it on the 40rh but my skin issues came back and forced me to consume some meds. But even within these 11 days, i kept asking “where are you, Lord?” Hoping i could feel a tingling of His presence like i was long time ago.

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Mengatasi Eksim Bayi Tanpa Steroid

1111Pertama kali saya deal with eksim baby itu adalah di anak sendiri yang kedua. Anak kedua saya ini memang lebih riweh kulitnya dari yang pertama. Kalau yang pertama itu adem ayem normal ga ada masalah. Nah yang kedua dari lahir udah suka bruntusan merah, but then healed di usia 2 bulan. Masuk 2 bulan ada lagi masalah lain yaitu di siku dan lututnya suka kering patchy, akhirnya saya coba baby cream dari yang murah ke sedang ke mahal, malah jadinya dia bercincin dan iritasi. Thank God saya cepet ketemu yang cocok sama reia, yang baby nya eksim, saya rekomen banget coba ya, Moms.

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