[ENG] Living in favor ! 

Well today’s post is more of about my medical trip to Penang. Hope this sharing can give you a blessing 🙂 .. So, here goes – bear with me pls :))

Waiting  at the hospital’s waiting room can be tempting. With the clock’s ticking all i can think is what’s gonna happen next, what will the doctor say..

Will this trip be in vain..

I have prayed hundreds of times from the days before the flight until i was in this waiting room.. I am not asking for the instant cure, i am asking God’s favors in all my way.

At the office, on my way home, every before bed time, every morning, on the flight, on my way to the hospital while enjoying the trees and view, at the taxi, and every minutes on the waiting room.

I registered at 6.00 AM in the morning on the 1st hospital at 27 April 2015, got moved to the other hospital because the dermatologist has moved to the other hospital, got there by 10.00 AM, to be told to wait until 4.00 PM. So me and my mom got our self some time to enjoy the walk and lunch.

Finally met the doctor at 7.00 PM

Yes i got a lot of time of waiting, and by that means thinking.

There are two parts of thoughts at that time. First thought is that i am scared of what she’s gonna say. I am here to find a relieve, well at least that is what i thought. To find out really what happens so i can feel relieved. If it’s bad then i have to know for sure. So there’s part of me that still scared to get into the doctor’s office.

Second thought,

“I thank God for my flight has landed safely even there was some turbulences because of the bad weather here.”

“I thank God that coencidentally we’ve met my mom’s friends here, and funny is that she is actually working at our first hotel here, and she has been sooo helpful in helping us at the hotel and the hospital.”

“I thank God that at the first day i registered to the 1st Hospital, we were waking up late so we arrived around 6.00AM and got 0037 queu number, when it was 8.00AM the number called still at 0010, we’ve decided to go to eat but the nurse said that if our number is passed away during our absence then we have to start over. It won’t be processed.

So we still went to eat, 0010 – 0037 come on 1 hour won’t do it. By the time we got back it shocked me that the number has been to 0042! I hurried take the new number and now it’s 0109! My mom’s friend spoke to the nurse and suprisingly she allowed us to process my registration! With smiles!”

“I thank God we’ve met the 1st doctor and he honestly told us that skin is not his specialty and gave us a refference to the 2nd hospital.”

“I thank God that we arrive at the 2nd hospital at 10.00 AM late and still could have our appointment on that day. At the end of the day, we are the 2nd last patient  that day!” 

“I thank God that my nurses are so kind unlike the other nurses i’ve met!”

“I thank God that the weather was clear when we’re having walk in our waiting time and rain dropped when we have come to our lunch restaurant.”

“I thank God that it rainned hard when we were eating and stopped when The time we need to head back walking to the hospital.”

“I thank God that i have met so many people with a lot of sickness at the hospitals and i realized their burden are not easier either, i learned and hope they can get well real soon.”

“I thank God that i have a chance to meet my friend here, such a joy eve :)) haha. We will be getting well soon.”

“I thank God that my mom and i are healthy during this medical trip.”

“I thank God for a chance for me to explore penang.”

“I thank God that when i have a lost item here, it is found by a friend’s help.”

“I thank God for a new hotel room for today with restroom inside when actually just yesterday the receptionist said that it’s full when i make the reservation.”

“I thank God to have such a dear mother that loves me so much, she cares and protects me, she sacrifices her time her saving and she walked as far as i am even her legs are not as good as mine. And especially for the counted time she told me to pray.”

“I thank God that when we are missed understand about the baggage and immigration service at the airport caused us to take our baggage that should be registered in the baggage counter to hand carry baggage And when the custom told us to open it and ask to leave my meds behind (soap and mosturizer from the hospital), we explainned and they finally release it kindly when each of the soap and mosturizer is 500 ml!)

“I thank God that the diagnose is not as bad as i think, i haven’t known yet which to believe because the doctors have different diagnose between Jakarta and Penang.”
But, aside of 1 miracle of healthy, i got so many miracles and favors along my way. This somehow erased my fear on this cold waiting room.

I am now diagnosed for Dermatitis Eczema. I haven’t dare to say if it’s relevant because then i have to run biopsy test to know for sure. But at least the doctor diagnosed it here and eliminate Pityriasis Lichenoides for now.

I am now working the treatment that the doctor gave me and hoping with all my heart that i can have 1 more miracle :

my health 🙂

Thank you, Penang! You’ve been wonderful, hope to come here again as guest and not as a patient 🙂



Read my FULL healing journey with severe eczema and how i was saved by God’s grace through natural healing here.


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