[ENG] Nothing’s Wrong with Being Vulnerable


“someone who is vulnerable is weak or easy to hurt physically or mentally; a thing, person, or place that is vulnerable is easy to attack; easily damaged by something negative or harmful.” (source : macmillandictionary)


“capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt, as by weapon.” (source : dictionary.reference)

Let’s take the word vulnerable in a different way today.

Most people go through life thinking that vulnerability is a weakness that should be hidden from site.  Too often we are taught that vulnerable equals weakness – that we must be strong and never give up the fight.

In return, when we are dwelling with something, we are brought up to think being vulnerable meant that we are not strong enough or in some kind of danger. So people are intend to avoid of being vulnerable.

Most people fail to see the beauty that dwells in vulnerability. Being vulnerable and to realize that we human are vulnerable opens up a door to the higher source of power spiritually. Realizing that there are things that we can not control – opens up a door for us to rely to the Highest.

Being vulnerable connects us with others. It opens up to joy, love, and empathy.  (source : drsircus.com)

With knowing that we’re vulnerable and it is okay, It let us to see that there are people out there who cares for us, support us and ultimately it let us surrender to the Highest God, plus we could see others in a different ways – we understand what they are going through and what they need. Without realizing that we’re vulnerable – we will be more self centered and avoid anyone because we feel weak and people will just not accept the weak me.

There’s nothing wrong of being vulnerable.

” Because of the thought above, I never realized that i am vulnerable until i was struck with severe eczema on whole body. I find my life is so vulnerable for i can list all my plans but i can’t help with the fact that i don’t and won’t know what will happen before me. I am still feeling vulnerable but there’s something changed. I know that it is so okay now to feel like that.

I was brought to think that i was vulnerable and it can only means that i was weak! I must be strong with ‘being not vulnerable’ and to refuse the fact i am vulnerable and need help! – but as now i see, the fact is, to be strong, first i have to face my vulnerabilities, When i was at my worst condition i began to see that there are people who truly cares for me and not, i began to surrender to the Highest and let Jesus took over. Day by day i was crawling through my ‘vulnerable days’ .. Is it something to be ashamed of? That we are indeed vulnerable? I think no. In fact, Strength is born from vulnerability. Today i think vulnerability in God is my source of power! (2 Corinthians 12:9) “ -Marlisa Tenggara-

However when we face our deepest fears and vulnerabilities we become super strong and much capable of giving and receiving love. (source : drsircus.com)

Most of writings about vulnerable are very intimate and personal. Ex : Rape / Violence, we are seeing the victim as the vulnerable person – the weaker ones. Don’t you realize that they are might be just stronger than you? as they have gone through their vulnerability and lives to tell and act. There’s not just weakness that we can see from the state of vulnerability but also the source of power and strength that only born by facing your vulnerability first.

So, i begin to change my view of vulnerable. Vulnerable is not equals to weakness! Vulnerable is not something wrong, as we all humans are indeed vulnerable – No one knows what will happen next. Vulnerable is not only for they who are in burden or victims, but is something that we all have in common. So why are we ashamed of it? For it is not weakness, but is a fact of our human’s life.

When you don’t know what happens in the next 5 minutes, you are indeed vulnerable. You are open to anything possible to happens. Facing vulnerability is to realize that we need help from the Highest and others, feels that we are not alone – everyone is as vulnerable as us. Realizing this will change the way you face your giants in your life. And overcome your giants with your vulnerability will only make you even a stronger person. And start to give and receive the love from others, as we are all vulnerable and need one another 🙂

Be vulnerable. Be stronger.



Read my story dealing with Severe Eczema here.

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