Life Angle From A Mother (Seeing Chances)

image1When i was working at the office back then, i would sometimes ask myself why i didn’t get the opportunities that others had. Then, i quit my job and decided to be a full time mom, i begin to look for new opportunities so i could work from home and while taking care of Eegan. And this has been a process, so sometimes again i would ask myself the similar question, but this time is more about How could i get the opportunity to start my own business?

Taking care of a baby drains both our energy and times, especially if you’e a full time mom. Because during their milestones, we actually have to stood by them. You can’t leave a crawling or just learning to walk baby alone, can you? Allow me to share to you how God showed me how to look on opportunites or promotions through eegan’s daily milestones.

In the age of 6 months, when eegan’s starting to … , we started to let him play at his playmat often hoping that he could start learning to crawl. So his playmat is his area allowed – outside of a playmat is a “danger” ground for him. Once he got to crawl, we began to widen his play area, the same goes when he was standing with holding to things. We the took inside a smaller bed into our room so that he could learn standing up by holding it, or learn to go down from the master bed easier. But still apart from the area we have prepared, is a danger area from him.

Up until now he’s walking already, his allowed areas has begun to get wider and wider. But there are still some areas that he’s forbiden to play in, like around the stairs, the toilet, the kitchen, etc. Because he will be easily harmed and wounded when he reachs them. It’s forbiden from him not because we don’t love him, but in fact that we care and we know that he is not ready.

The same thing goes with the opportunities and promotions in our life. Whether it’s a job promotions, love opportunites, bussiness, family, etc. I think, like parents, God has spared us some spaces that we are ready to step in but there are still some spaces that we aren’t ready. How can you step into the stairs if you can’t even walk properly yet? That’s why you are still waiting for that new space you’re asking Him. So what to do then? Do we just keep waiting?

No! Learn from babies! They wake up everyday ready to learn new things, upgrade their milestones and dare to try and explore everything without fear. We need to upgrade ourself, we need to meet new people, read more, learn more and try to step in out of our comfort zone. Many people chase for a job promotion but not willing to try doing new tasks that their collueges or supervisor tells them to do, or well they’re doing it but just not with pleasure. You have just missed your chances to go to the next level.

So, once again, opportunities will come when you are ready. Look at the opportunities around the corner, and start chasing it by upgrading yourself to be ready for it. When you get ready while the others haven’t even notice the opportunity – well, you will be likely the one chosen for it.

I’ve just started my new bussinesses, i am now reaching the world of influencer on social media that i’ve never been into before and have started an online shop selling kaya jam. But i remember the early days when i have just started them all, it’s all started from a scratch and that i have to sacrifice my time between eegan’s nap to build them. I even failed couple of times, buying things that i thought i would sell it but they are still here with me now because no one wants to buy it. But we always have to do something, then God will open the way and do the rest. So let’s think of we’re being a team mate with Him! How honorable and nothing to fear, right?!

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