Practice Generosity

I guess we, human, are not automatically generous. One thing about human is our selfishness. It’s all about what we’ve gone through, what we want to achieve, what we have and how we’re doing. Well at least how i was and even how i am still most times now. But that also what taught me that generosity needs to be practiced.

Let’s talk about what i at least thought before giving out :

  • I still have a lot of things i haven’t had
  • My income simply is not even enough, and giving out additional money would cut my income quite made a difference
  • I don’t even have enough time for my own me time
  • It’s not going to make a difference to others
  • and lots more reasons to not giving out

But then i always get reminded that generosity is practiced.

I remembered where i started the practice the first time to giving out only 20.000 IDR to sick people via donations website every week.

Well to be honest, i know it’s a small quantity of money that didn’t even make a difference to the person i was giving out to. And it probably seems shallow that i only did it in the name of “practice”. But, doing it regularly, i noticed something changes in me.

I wasn’t a person of empathy to come with. I came from a broken family, i never knew what a whole family supposed to feel or looks like. I never see in front of my eyes how romantic parents should behave or looks like. So, i had a lot of needs, i was in a place where i crave love, crave trust and that “happy family” picture that i’m missing.

But practicing generosity somehow gives me a little bit of empathy. I could more sensible thinking about those whose in needs. I could shed tears just thinking and praying for kids whose living in the streets, who has a severe sickness or even are involved in human trafficking,

Not realizing how the time goes by, from 20.000 IDR every week, i somehow could increase those amount to a bigger amount every month.

And even though i am not in a position to called “rich” or even “successful”, i am secured in God’s promise where He will never debt any human. It’s not that we should pursue wealth in giving out to people, but i know we can make that promise as a security in giving what we have now and know that we will not be abandoned.

Another benefit i found in practicing generosity is that i become a person who not worrying about money. Funny, where i should be more worry about money since i have to give “additional cost” in giving out to people, but hence, i don’t. Even when, i only have a little in my saving, i didn’t get frustated by it. And surprisingly, God is gracious to lend a hand in every time i’m in need.

So, i am here today to send a message that maybe won’t get popular or even hated by some people, but practice generosity.

Because we are grateful enough to give :

  • When you can still sleep in a comfortable room with a bed and blanket to cover, then give to those who still sleeps in the street without even a bed underneath.
  • When you still be able to eat three times a day, and not suffers from hunger, then give to those that needs to shed tears to give food to their children
  • When you have a healthy body, then give to those who’s craving for it
  • When you still have a decent clothes to wear, then give to those whose never even taste a new clean fabric on their skin
  • When there’s still 1 person who loves you, then give love to others
  • When you still have today, then give a little of your time to help others even just to pray for them

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