IMG_0202Menghadapi ruam kulit pada anak tentu seringkali membuat kita sebagai orang tua merasa khawatir. Apalagi jika ruam tersebut menimbulkan rasa gatal, atau nyeri hingga mengganggu aktivitas anak. Sebagai orang tua, rasanya apapun ingin kita coba dan beli asal gejala iritasi tersebut dapat pulih. Baik itu eksim, alergi atau ruam apapun, sebaiknya moms mulai memperhatikan produk yang moms dapatkan apakah mengandung steroid atau tidak.

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Penanganan Pertama pada Bayi Eksim

thumb_1365Saya adalah salah satu eczema survivor. Saya juga adalah salah satu orang yang mengalami Red Skin Syndrome dimana saya telah resistan terhadap obat dan krim kulit dan juga salah satu TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal) survivor. Latar belakang saya dengan eksim ini membuat saya paham betul akan efek steroid dalam tubuh. Sehingga sebisa mungkin saya akan menghindarinya, termasuk untuk Eegan.

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[ENG/IND] Timing of Eating for Eczema / Pola Makan Untuk Eksim

[ENG] Our body seems to have 3 metabolic periods which cycle every 24 hours. Eating in compliance with these three metabolic periods will afford more efficient digestion, assimilation, cleansing and maintenance of the cells and therefore proper healing can occur.

Here’s how I’ve learned to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner so that what I eat honors the function of the metabolic periods.

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[ENG/IND] Why Diet For Eczema? / Kenapa Diet untuk Eksim?

[ENG] People often ask me, do we really need to do the diet and what is the connection between diet and eczema? And today i will try to explain it based on my experience in healing my eczema through elimination diet. I will also share about my elimination diet once more time here – in case you haven’t got the idea about the elimination diet. (Contact me personally by email or comment below to get my free E-book).

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[ENG/IND] My Skin Lotion Facts / Fakta Pelembab Kulit

icon_02-300x300[ENG] There are so many information about the benefit of a skin lotion that we knew already, but still it often confuses us to choose the right one once we stand in front of the store’s shelf, right? Some say that lotion is not good for skin, but the other say that we have to put it on every day. See, there are too many myths about it out there – ¬†let’s read some facts about skin lotion here.

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[ENG/IND] How To Manage Eczema Itch / Mengatasi Rasa Gatal Eksim

Capture[ENG] “For me itching has been the worst symptoms in my recovery from TSW. It has brought me to my knees crying, praying and begging it to stop. The itching was so bad that at one point i would scratch it until it bleeds. I remember i was begging to God to make it stop or at least better so i didn’t have to see my hands breaking my skin that i really wanted it to heal.

There were times when i itched 24 hours a day. I blamed everything, the clothes i was wearing, the weather, the things i’ve eaten, ect. But God is so good, He helped me decreasing the itch by the time i prayed and let me learn some safer way to deal with the itch.”

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