[ENG/IND] Why Diet For Eczema? / Kenapa Diet untuk Eksim?

[ENG] People often ask me, do we really need to do the diet and what is the connection between diet and eczema? And today i will try to explain it based on my experience in healing my eczema through elimination diet. I will also share about my elimination diet once more time here – in case you haven’t got the idea about the elimination diet. (Contact me personally by email or comment below to get my free E-book).

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[ENG/IND] My Labor & Delivery Story (Vaginal Birth – Epidural) / Persalinan Spontan Normal – Epidural

[ENG] It’s been ages since my last post, yes! Gladly to announce that my baby bug has arrived, yay! And boy this mama has been so busy and exhausted within these 3 months. But now i’m back with my labor and delivery story. Hopefuly it could be useful for other mamas or mamas to be 🙂

As you might know already from the title that i have a vaginal birth with epidural at the hospital.

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[ENG/IND] My Pregnancy Update : Third Trimester / Trimester Ketiga Kehamilan

2016-11-28[ENG] Hello, all ! Been away for quite a while i’m sorry. So, today i’m going to write about my last pregnancy update as this marks my third trimester then. Well, i’m not done the third trimester actually – i am now 33 weeks of pregnant. But i thought, i probably won’t have time to write it once the baby is born, i’m pretty sure i will be a little caught up with my time and routines once he’s here. So i decided to update you guys now before he comes (as i don’t know when the baby will be born too – it could be anytime right.)

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[ENG/IND] When a “Step Ahead” destroys My Indonesia / Ketika Selangkah Di Depan Menghancurkan Indonesiaku

demo-4-november-bukan-aksi-damai-tapi-bxnydglqplIndonesia is known for the variety of cultures and peoples. There are 6 religions and tons of cultures mixed up in one country called Indonesia. Sometimes it even amazes people outside Indonesia of how we can live in harmony among all of these differences. Today, I’m very sad to tell you that maybe this “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” (Unity in Diversity) is at stake in this country. This post is me screaming to all those people who intend to break this, “Don’t destroy my country!”

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[ENG/IND] How God speaks through pregnancy / Pesan Tuhan dalam sebuah kehamilan

2016-11-10[ENG] Going through pregnancy sometimes really push us to the edge. How we have to endure and going through lots of things including pain. You have to see how it changes your body and even your organs. Everything seems to be changing when you’re pregnant, your habits, your meals, your body, your digestion system, well almost everything. And these things sometimes are not easy to bear. But, a mother is a mother, i don’t know how my mom did it and how i am doing it right now but truly it is a strength from The Lord that i could keep walking through it all.

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[IND] Apa Saja Yang Dibutuhkan Bayi Baru Lahir ?

2016-winter-font-b-baby-b-font-toddler-font-b-boy-b-font-font-b-jumperHalo, moms ! Menyambut kehadiran si kecil adalah hal yang paling ditunggu-tunggu oleh setiap moms, dan mempersiapkan kehadirannya terkadang membuat kita kerepotan tapi juga excited alias bersemangat dalam melengkapi segala kebutuhannya. Yaps, berbelanja keperluan bayi bisa jadi sesuatu yang juga ditunggu-tunggu oleh setiap moms, termasuk aku! Setelah usia kandungan telah mencapai 7 bulan alias trimester ketiga, aku pun dengan bersemangat memulai pengalaman perbelanjaan yang hari ini mau aku sharingkan.

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