Sakit Ulu Hati Saat Hamil


Mengingat masa kehamilan, ada satu hal yang sangat penting yang ingin saya bagikan. Yaitu tentang bagaimana madu menyelamatkam kehamilan saya. Selain morning sickness dan excessive saliva, asam lambung adalah hal yang saya alami dan yang paling saya takutkan. Bagi beberapa ibu hamil, mungkin asam lambung is the least expected.

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[ENG/IND] My Pregnancy Update : Third Trimester / Trimester Ketiga Kehamilan

2016-11-28[ENG] Hello, all ! Been away for quite a while i’m sorry. So, today i’m going to write about my last pregnancy update as this marks my third trimester then. Well, i’m not done the third trimester actually – i am now 33 weeks of pregnant. But i thought, i probably won’t have time to write it once the baby is born, i’m pretty sure i will be a little caught up with my time and routines once he’s here. So i decided to update you guys now before he comes (as i don’t know when the baby will be born too – it could be anytime right.)

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[ENG/IND] My Pregnancy Update : Second Trimester / Trimester Kedua Kehamilan

2016-10-12[ENG] So, this will be my second trimester of pregnancy update (you can check my first trimester update here). There are some symptoms from my first trimester that still follows on my second trimester – so i’m not going on details on them, i think it will be more functioning to update you with the new symptoms i’ve got once i reached my second trimester.

So, bear with me please on this post 🙂

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[ENG/IND] A Mother’s Love (20 week pregnancy) / Kasih Ibu (Kehamilan 20 minggu)

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[ENG] Going through the second-trimester of my pregnancy (20 weeks now) – i noticed that there’s something growing inside me. A love of a  mother that i never knew and thought and feel of, slowly growing inside me. I was so much in pain last night because of GERD – i was roaring in pain – and plus i’m still coughing pretty bad because of the influenza. Had this gastric acid pain couple times but this time is different. God taught me about His love through my love for the baby.

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