I am just in a baby walker, i just need to wait.

Flaring up after 4 years cleared

It was so dark that i couldn’t see, or maybe refuse to see. I thought God has left me, i thought God has probably abandoned me or just gone leaving me like this. But no, i was wrong. This flare up has taught me a lot of things i forgot. Faith, Love and Hope.

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[ENG/IND] Love From a Working Mother / Cinta Seorang Ibu Pekerja

[ENG] Being a parent has brought me to feel a new kind of feeling that i have never felt before; a parent’s love. It’s so different with all kind of loves, it’s so much different with love toward our spouse or parents or friends or everybody else. This new experience has brought me to feel how great is God’s love as our parent to us. It has opened my eyes to see and understand tiny about what He has sacrificed in the name of Love. Please allow me to tell you a little about it.

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[IND] Hidup Berkemenangan

baby_handSetiap kali saya berfikir mengenai kehidupan, pikiran saya cenderung memikirkan segala pencapaian dalam hidup – apakah itu soal harta, promosi, kuasa atau jabatan. Sepertinya hal-hali ni telah menjadi standar pencapaian kita dalam hidup. Namun, benarkah demikian? Berapa banyak orang kaya, orang berposisi tinggi yang meninggal dalam penyesalan? meninggal dalam kesia-siaan? dalam kesedihan dan kepedihan? Lalu pertanyaannya, apa yang seharusnya kita kejar dalam hidup ini?

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[ENG/IND] Deal your pregnancy’s trick questions / Mengatasi pertanyaan jebakan kehamilan

shutterstock_311309201[ENG] Hello, all ! So glad that it seems like i could write more often again, and maybe you’ll find out that there will be a lot more of pregnancy posts coming up #ups. Coping with the first trimester really got me to stop doing lots of things. Today’s post will be a bit of random i guess. Just realized this morning that dealing with pregnancy means that we will be dealing with lots of questions on our head.

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[ENG/IND] Why it feels hard to hope? / Kenapa rasanya sulit untuk berharap?


“you will be secure, because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest in safety. You will lie down, with no one to make you afraid, and many will court your favor.” (Job 11:18-19) — Hope should be like a ray of light in the darkness. Hope should be like a water spring in the desert. But, can you deny it, that sometimes it takes more than just courage to hope? When does hope become a burden on our shoulder?

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[ENG/IND] Ask, Seek, Knock / Mintalah, Carilah, Ketoklah

IMG_1061[ENG] I remembered 1 song from Lauren Daigle which said, ‘When You don’t move the mountain i’m needing You to move, When You don’t part the waters i wish i could walk through, when You don’t give the answers as i cry out to You. I will trust, i will trust, i will trust in You.” — What is faith? Why it feels so hard to ask or to hope on something? It seems like God is closing every door we wish to open. Don’t you feel like this sometimes? Well, welcome to the club. And today, let’s see the true faith that God wants us to have while we ask, seek and knock.

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