Bintik Merah Pada Wajah dan Kepala Bayi

7Kenapa judulnya jangan panik? Karena ruam di baby itu ga selamanya parah or eksim or butuh steroid. Jangan sampe anak ketergantungan steroid (pls cek artikel lengkap di kategori Natural Eczema Healing).

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How To Get My Ebook

Hello everybody..

So, i have made some changes about how to get my ebook. I used to send them one by one to all of you who requested because i feel like to know and see you personally through social media or the net. But since i will have my second baby soon, i think it will be wise for me to put them on the drive for you to download, so you wouldn’t have to wait me to send them, as i will obviously be too busy with my newborn and my first toddler.

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[ENG/IND] What to do after Eczema healed? / Apa yang dilakukan setelah Eksim sembuh?

26A9AC38-8208-48E1-941C-314BE3E794D3[ENG] Flashback to my days battling with Eczema, all i could say today is how grateful i am to be able to do all the little things i couldn’t do back then. Simplest things like taking a shower, pulling up my blanket without it scratches my skin, eat happily and even feel the sweat. My eczema experience taught me to highly appreciate simple things in life and make me realize that all of those simple things may not be free and should be grateful for.

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Penanganan Pertama pada Bayi Eksim

thumb_1365Saya adalah salah satu eczema survivor. Saya juga adalah salah satu orang yang mengalami Red Skin Syndrome dimana saya telah resistan terhadap obat dan krim kulit dan juga salah satu TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal) survivor. Latar belakang saya dengan eksim ini membuat saya paham betul akan efek steroid dalam tubuh. Sehingga sebisa mungkin saya akan menghindarinya, termasuk untuk Eegan.

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[ENG/IND] Why Diet For Eczema? / Kenapa Diet untuk Eksim?

[ENG] People often ask me, do we really need to do the diet and what is the connection between diet and eczema? And today i will try to explain it based on my experience in healing my eczema through elimination diet. I will also share about my elimination diet once more time here – in case you haven’t got the idea about the elimination diet. (Contact me personally by email or comment below to get my free E-book).

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