Elimination Diet Untuk Eksim

Sampai hari ini, masih banyak banget yang DM nanyain ini boleh makan gak? ini boleh gak? kalo ini gimana? Yang pertama yang ingin Saya tekankan adalah, yuk kita ulang lagi belajar konsep diet untuk eksim ini. Karena once kita ngerti, pasti gak akan terlalu bingung untuk menentukan makanan yang mana yang boleh, mana yang gak. Kunci pertama perjalanan TSW adalah belajar lalu lakukan. Hindari banyak nanya, banyak ngeluh, lakukan saja dulu yang bisa dilakukan.

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Melakukan detox dalam memulihkan eksim sudah saya lakukan bukan hanya sekali. Walaupun cara ini tidak di akui secara medis, but this is how you actually heal your eczema from the root. Namun, banyak yang akhirnya menyerah ditengah proses detox akibat efek detox yang mungkin dapat terasa mengerikan.

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[ENG/IND] What to do after Eczema healed? / Apa yang dilakukan setelah Eksim sembuh?

26A9AC38-8208-48E1-941C-314BE3E794D3[ENG] Flashback to my days battling with Eczema, all i could say today is how grateful i am to be able to do all the little things i couldn’t do back then. Simplest things like taking a shower, pulling up my blanket without it scratches my skin, eat happily and even feel the sweat. My eczema experience taught me to highly appreciate simple things in life and make me realize that all of those simple things may not be free and should be grateful for.

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[ENG/IND] Why Diet For Eczema? / Kenapa Diet untuk Eksim?

[ENG] People often ask me, do we really need to do the diet and what is the connection between diet and eczema? And today i will try to explain it based on my experience in healing my eczema through elimination diet. I will also share about my elimination diet once more time here – in case you haven’t got the idea about the elimination diet. (Contact me personally by email or comment below to get my free E-book).

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[ENG/IND] Believe and not doubt is your answer to all / Percaya dan jangan bimbang adalah jawaban atas segalanya


[ENG] When i saw the oozing wounds all over my body, i mean, what’s the joy about this? You must be mistaken, God! How could you say that this is a pure joy?! – But today i would say that those horrible dark days with eczema that i have been through is one of the things i thank most, it’s not like i want to experience it again, but what it has brought me this day.

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[ENG] Severe Eczema Healed : Life is a journey, but the view is great!


This post is the post that i want to write the most after all these times.
(Baca terjemahannya dalam Bahasa Indonesia disini.)

(This blog contains pictures that maybe you will find disturbing.)


Life is a journey, we all know that and walking it until now. When i say the view is great, it is great – but sometimes we just can’t see it, that happens to me around the end of 2014. As i said before that i was diagnosed with a lot of diagnoses and until today i can’t hardly decide which diagnose i actually had. I was diagnose with Scabies, Pityriasis Lichenoides, and Dermatitis Eczema.

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