[ENG/IND] My Labor & Delivery Story (Vaginal Birth – Epidural) / Persalinan Spontan Normal – Epidural

[ENG] It’s been ages since my last post, yes! Gladly to announce that my baby bug has arrived, yay! And boy this mama has been so busy and exhausted within these 3 months. But now i’m back with my labor and delivery story. Hopefuly it could be useful for other mamas or mamas to be 🙂

As you might know already from the title that i have a vaginal birth with epidural at the hospital.

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[IND] Apa Saja Yang Dibutuhkan Bayi Baru Lahir ?

2016-winter-font-b-baby-b-font-toddler-font-b-boy-b-font-font-b-jumperHalo, moms ! Menyambut kehadiran si kecil adalah hal yang paling ditunggu-tunggu oleh setiap moms, dan mempersiapkan kehadirannya terkadang membuat kita kerepotan tapi juga excited alias bersemangat dalam melengkapi segala kebutuhannya. Yaps, berbelanja keperluan bayi bisa jadi sesuatu yang juga ditunggu-tunggu oleh setiap moms, termasuk aku! Setelah usia kandungan telah mencapai 7 bulan alias trimester ketiga, aku pun dengan bersemangat memulai pengalaman perbelanjaan yang hari ini mau aku sharingkan.

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[ENG/IND] My Pregnancy Update : Second Trimester / Trimester Kedua Kehamilan

2016-10-12[ENG] So, this will be my second trimester of pregnancy update (you can check my first trimester update here). There are some symptoms from my first trimester that still follows on my second trimester – so i’m not going on details on them, i think it will be more functioning to update you with the new symptoms i’ve got once i reached my second trimester.

So, bear with me please on this post 🙂

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[ENG/IND] My Pregnancy Update : First Trimester / Trimester Pertama Kehamilan

IMG_1439[ENG] Never really thought how pregnancy could really feels actually, but I believe it is God’s plans for every girl who never got pregnant to not really could relate how it feels – so there won’t be any fear of getting pregnant after marriage. Well, all I knew is, there’s going to be nausea, vomiting, etc but boy never really I actually know that It could feels so much more than that. Today, I want to do something different though,  I really want to write about what I am going through in this pregnancy plus the tips and what God has really shown me about why those are happening to me.

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