I am just in a baby walker, i just need to wait.

Flaring up after 4 years cleared

It was so dark that i couldn’t see, or maybe refuse to see. I thought God has left me, i thought God has probably abandoned me or just gone leaving me like this. But no, i was wrong. This flare up has taught me a lot of things i forgot. Faith, Love and Hope.

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[ENG/IND] Why it feels hard to hope? / Kenapa rasanya sulit untuk berharap?


“you will be secure, because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest in safety. You will lie down, with no one to make you afraid, and many will court your favor.” (Job 11:18-19) — Hope should be like a ray of light in the darkness. Hope should be like a water spring in the desert. But, can you deny it, that sometimes it takes more than just courage to hope? When does hope become a burden on our shoulder?

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[ENG/IND] Ask, Seek, Knock / Mintalah, Carilah, Ketoklah

IMG_1061[ENG] I remembered 1 song from Lauren Daigle which said, ‘When You don’t move the mountain i’m needing You to move, When You don’t part the waters i wish i could walk through, when You don’t give the answers as i cry out to You. I will trust, i will trust, i will trust in You.” — What is faith? Why it feels so hard to ask or to hope on something? It seems like God is closing every door we wish to open. Don’t you feel like this sometimes? Well, welcome to the club. And today, let’s see the true faith that God wants us to have while we ask, seek and knock.

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[ENG] Crossing The Jordan

(source : pastorsponderings.org)

(image source : pastorsponderings.org)

We all have our Jordan river to be crossed. What is it , your Jordan? Sickness, Family’s feud, disability, financial breakdown, or even intimidation and temptations from the evil that have tied us up to sin?

Whatever our Jordan River is, we can cross it by our self. with bloody efforts, but when we let God lead us in crossing it, we’ll see how He will cut off the waters in between for us to cross over easily.

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