[ENG/IND] The Truth About Jesus Christ / Kebenaran Tentang Tuhan Yesus


[ENG] A God who came into the world, born from a virgin and died at the cross for the people that He called as heirs and His own. This is a fact that is so hard to be accepted by people a long time ago and up until now in the 21st century. While there are so many people who mock at Him, i feel grateful for He is God and He was once a Man and that He is my God. You’ll see why i could declare that there is truly none like Him.

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[ENG] It’s all about the 4 letters : LOVE

shutterstock_265213544The standard you’ve set will determine how much love you’ll get. That is why there are some people who feels loved by someone who’s treating her the opposite of love and there are some people who feels lack of love by someone who we can say is such a romantic and lovable person. It’s all about the standard you’ve set. Set higher and you’ll demand higher, set lower and you’ll be easier satisfied. It’s not a matter of right and wrong, but it is to set the right standard and meet the right one.

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