[ENG/IND] The Secret of Waiting / Rahasia Sebuah Penantian

shutterstock_338241671[ENG] Today i’m gonna go deeper about waiting. By God’s grace, i am now in a process called waiting – there are so many ups and downs, but wow i am amazed by God’s wisdom and the deep revelations i am about to share one of them to you. I am touched by His gentleness and love as a Father and Saviour. One thing i’m feeling now is that, “How could i dwell in Your thoughts,  Oh my Sovereign Lord, as your thoughts are so much greater and higher than mine?”
Are you awaiting for something? Let’s dive in with me deeper.

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[IND] Menyebrangi Yordan

(Read the ENG Version here.) Kita semua memiliki sungai Yordan kita masing-masing yang perlu diseberangi. Apa yang menjadi Yordanmu hari ini? Apakah itu sakit-penyakit, pergumulan keluarga, kecacatan, pergumulan keuangan atau bahkan intimidasi dan godaan si jahat yang membelenggu hidupmu dalam dosa? (image courtesy : pastorsponderings.org)

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[ENG/IND] Believe and not doubt is your answer to all / Percaya dan jangan bimbang adalah jawaban atas segalanya


[ENG] When i saw the oozing wounds all over my body, i mean, what’s the joy about this? You must be mistaken, God! How could you say that this is a pure joy?! – But today i would say that those horrible dark days with eczema that i have been through is one of the things i thank most, it’s not like i want to experience it again, but what it has brought me this day.

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