[ENG] I Forgive My Father – It’s The Best Decision I’ve Made

05-forgiveness-different-kinds-of-forgiveness[ENG] Every time i heard a story from a person who hates his parents, i’ll suddenly remember mine. (Read the other true stories in a post : Everything Starts From Inside The Blanket). He was a loving father for me. He never hit or abused me. Unfortunately, being a loving father didn’t make him a loving husband for Mama. He was a monster.

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[ENG/IND] When Positive Thinking Is Not Enough / Ketika Pikiran Positif Pun Tidak Cukup

IMG_1023[ENG] It happened when i prayed with tears pouring from my eyes. I was dealing with my enemy since a long time – fear. I was lost at the moment – it tormented me with dark lies everyday. But when i came to God’s presence, He taught me a precious lesson to cast away fear.

“It needs more than a positive thinking to cast away your fear.”

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[ENG/IND] The Recycle Bin Of Life

IMG_0216[ENG] So, one fine afternoon when I was looking at my computer, i looked at the recycle bin on my desktop and suddenly i felt the Holy Spirit urged me to write about this recycle bin. About this recycle bin actually i have wondered for quite some time, how come this recycle bin always looked full even though there’s only 1 file deleted inside. I suppose you’ll be asking why am i even need to wonder about this? Well, i am that kind of woman who always wants everything on place. I cleaned the recycle bin often (and still wondering if it’s a good thing or not haha).

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[ENG] Woman’s Power from an unnamed woman

shutterstock_280414706[ENG] Most of woman dreams to be a powerful woman. The weaker that woman feels the more she wants to be powerful. But what is a woman’s power exactly? Is it them who could proof that they can do things more than men, that we called powerful? Is it them who don’t burst out to tears when the hardship comes, that we called powerful? Is it them who have big muscles or high position, that we called powerful?

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[ENG] What does it take to be a woman


When i was a girl, i used to be told, “to be a woman, you should behave like a woman. Close your legs while you are sitting down.”
When i was a high school teenager, i used to be told, “to be a woman, you should be brave and fun, do everything you like and never let anyone decide what you have to do.”
When i was at college, i used to be told, “to be a woman means that you have to got a style.”

So, what does it really take to be a woman?

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