[ENG/IND] Feel Free To Fail / Bebas Untuk Gagal


[ENG] As i scroll down my social media’s timeline, i found that there are a lot of news about youth’s going depressed and decide to end their life or some postings showing their frustration about the world’s demands on their shoulder. Allow me to say that this depression and frustration comes when we can’t deal with the word “failure”.

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[ENG/IND] Controlling Your Mind / Menguasai Pikiran

IMG_0503[ENG] Mind is one of God’s gift to all human beings. We as human has the most complex mind than the other living beings. As someone who has the most complex mind, we will face 2 screens every day. We are flooded with the good and bad thoughts in almost everything we’re facing. But the good news is, you can actually choose which one you’d like to go with

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