IMG_4292Eegan, my son is almost 14 months of age now. And he’s in the phase of what i called as a “free will” phase, where he already has desires to do things or to go to places where he wants. Usually, when he wants some things or go to some places that he wants, he would then has a little crying session whilst pointing finger to the things or places that he desires – telling us to do as he wanted to be. When everything that he asks for are cool, we will usually let him have it, but sometimes he would ask for things that aren’t allowed yet for him, in this case, we have to say no.

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[ENG/IND] The Unseen Thing That Controls Everything

nbstwqu[ENG] When i was walking to the lobby of my office –  i saw some plants lining up tidily as i walk my way to the front door. I have been walking on it everyday for like 3 years or so but yesterday something hit me. I saw that most of the plants has a dry end. And suddenly this view reminds me of our life. How our life are often reflected exactly like these plants.

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[IND] Hidup Berkemenangan

baby_handSetiap kali saya berfikir mengenai kehidupan, pikiran saya cenderung memikirkan segala pencapaian dalam hidup – apakah itu soal harta, promosi, kuasa atau jabatan. Sepertinya hal-hali ni telah menjadi standar pencapaian kita dalam hidup. Namun, benarkah demikian? Berapa banyak orang kaya, orang berposisi tinggi yang meninggal dalam penyesalan? meninggal dalam kesia-siaan? dalam kesedihan dan kepedihan? Lalu pertanyaannya, apa yang seharusnya kita kejar dalam hidup ini?

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[ENG] A Life Beyond Success

baby_handEvery time I think of life, most of the things that I thought about is the achievements of life – whether it is money, promotion, power or position. Seems like these things are our standard of achievement in life. But is it really? How many rich people, high-positioned people die in regret? Die in vain? Die in sadness and sorrow? Then what are we supposed to be chasing after in life?

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[ENG/IND] Deal your pregnancy’s trick questions / Mengatasi pertanyaan jebakan kehamilan

shutterstock_311309201[ENG] Hello, all ! So glad that it seems like i could write more often again, and maybe you’ll find out that there will be a lot more of pregnancy posts coming up #ups. Coping with the first trimester really got me to stop doing lots of things. Today’s post will be a bit of random i guess. Just realized this morning that dealing with pregnancy means that we will be dealing with lots of questions on our head.

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[ENG/IND] Why it feels hard to hope? / Kenapa rasanya sulit untuk berharap?


“you will be secure, because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest in safety. You will lie down, with no one to make you afraid, and many will court your favor.” (Job 11:18-19) — Hope should be like a ray of light in the darkness. Hope should be like a water spring in the desert. But, can you deny it, that sometimes it takes more than just courage to hope? When does hope become a burden on our shoulder?

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