[ENG] You Are Loved & Secured. Be Humble. (Job 39)

IMG_1129[ENG] This passage is often missed by people, but when i read it over and over again, it really speaks to me and bless me. I could feel His enormous love through these words! Job 39 was God’s answer to Job and to us.  This is the mighty of His wisdom and  His love. You could feel them through every word. And through these words, we should feel :

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[ENG/IND] Faith In The Midst Of The Desert / Iman Di Tengah Pergumulan


(Image : livingmylifeforgood.wordpress.com)

[ENG] There’s always a moment in our life where we would face impossibilities. And everyone knows that where there is an impossibility needed, faith is needed. We all knew that well, right? But knowing and actually facing it, is a whole different thing. There are a bunch of feelings inside one word : Faith.

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