[ENG/IND] Knowing Topical Steroids / Mengupas Steroid Topikal


[ENG] I will post some articles about Red Skin Syndrome and How to deal with your never ending itch in particular. But first of all, we need to know more about Topical Steroid so it will be easier for us to understand the healing terms altogether.

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[ENG] 10 Natural Starters in Healing Severe Eczema


(Anda bisa membaca post ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia disini.)

I am healed from a Severe Eczema by His grace through natural treatments. I learned to back to the source of healing – in meds and also spiritually, i am brought back to the source of healing. Jesus the healer.

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[IND] 10 Langkah Pertama Menyembuhkan Eksim Akut Secara Natural (Severe Eczema)


(I will be posting post of my healing steps from Severe Eczema in Indonesian as i found that there are so little information about it in Indonesian. I had to surf all over the net and still find the best blogs/articles in English. Hope these posts could help the people of my country finding a natural healing of Eczema easier.) – For English Version plis click here.

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[ENG] Severe Eczema Healed : Life is a journey, but the view is great!


This post is the post that i want to write the most after all these times.
(Baca terjemahannya dalam Bahasa Indonesia disini.)

(This blog contains pictures that maybe you will find disturbing.)


Life is a journey, we all know that and walking it until now. When i say the view is great, it is great – but sometimes we just can’t see it, that happens to me around the end of 2014. As i said before that i was diagnosed with a lot of diagnoses and until today i can’t hardly decide which diagnose i actually had. I was diagnose with Scabies, Pityriasis Lichenoides, and Dermatitis Eczema.

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