[ENG/IND] Disappointed with your life? Think twice ! / Kecewa dengan hidupmu? Pikir lagi !


[ENG] “What rights do you have to be disappointed in Me?” – This is the question that He’s asking to all of us as a reminder. It touches a heart that still waiting for some answers of it’s dreams, it’s hopes and it’s desire.

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[ENG] Because Love Should Never Finds a Reason to Leave


When i was 12, Love will be a prince riding a horse with a flower on his hands kneeling before me. Today i realize the most important thing about Love. Love isn’t just about the flower or the Saturday dates. True love isn’t just about a feeling, Love is a decision and commitment.

“True Love doesn’t stop when everything changes. But everything changes when you stop loving.”  – marlisa tenggara –

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