[ENG/IND] Disappointed with your life? Think twice ! / Kecewa dengan hidupmu? Pikir lagi !


[ENG] “What rights do you have to be disappointed in Me?” – This is the question that He’s asking to all of us as a reminder. It touches a heart that still waiting for some answers of it’s dreams, it’s hopes and it’s desire.

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[ENG/IND] The Treasures in God’s Presence / Harta Karun Dalam Hadirat Allah



[ENG] This passage has only 3 verses but i found it so amazingly powerful and wonderful! These words of God described how Jesus healed me from my experience with severe eczema and How you could catch His presence and achieve your miracles !

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[ENG] Because Love Should Never Finds a Reason to Leave


When i was 12, Love will be a prince riding a horse with a flower on his hands kneeling before me. Today i realize the most important thing about Love. Love isn’t just about the flower or the Saturday dates. True love isn’t just about a feeling, Love is a decision and commitment.

“True Love doesn’t stop when everything changes. But everything changes when you stop loving.”  – marlisa tenggara –

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